The Red Bank Affordable Housing Corporation (RBAHC) was established in the spring of 2007, for the purpose  developing affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families in the city of Red Bank.  Upon its establishment, RBAHC entd into unique triune relationship that includes; the city of Red Bank and Red Bank Housing Authority.  The Red Bank city administration acquired the land for RBAHC through funding provided by the Land Acquisition Act of New Jersey.  The Red Bank Housing Authority will serve as a management agency for the property at the completion of construction and the RBAHC serves as developers of the project, as well as assisting potential homeowners with the income eligibility process and mortgage readiness

The basic goal o the RBAHC is to "Build the Communty of Red Bank through Affordable Home Ownership".  Its initial project of thirty-six (36) Townhouse Units (known as Cedar Crossing at Red Bank) will provide homeownership opportunities to thirty six (36) qualified familes in our community.  Phase I (20-2 and 3 bedroom units) were completd in the fall of 2011.  Phase II (16 units) began construction in the spring of 2012.

Funding for the development was secured through three (3) primary sources: the Housing, Mortgage and Finance Agency of New Jerrsey, the CHOICE program of Monmouth County, and construction loans from Ivestors Bank.

Currently, Pastor Terrence K. Porter serves as the President/Chairman of the RBAHC Board of Trustees.
~~~ Our Mission ~~~
RBAHC Board of Trustees

Terrence K. Porter, President ~ Jean Mondesir, Treasurer Marlene Nelson, Secretary 
Alexander Brown ~ Denzel Donaldson ~ Vanessa Munson ~ Frank Pino
" Building the Community 
Red Bank 
Affordable Homownership"
Established 2007
Red Bank Affordable Housing Corporation
The development of 
From design...
...To decisions
From construction...
Cedar Crossing Designs
Lottery Drawing ~ October, 2010
Groundbreaking Ceremony
...To completion
Phase I Contruction Begins
2 bedrooms- building front
2 bedroom unit. Bedroom sizes: 
12' 5" x 12' 5"'     
10' 4" x 13' 1"
3 bedroom unit. Bedroom sizes:
13' 7" x 11'     
11' 6" x 9' 2"     
10' 6" x 9' 7"
Lotter winner No.1!
Waiting for the lottery to begin
Lottery hopefuls
Listening for their number
Lottery officials explain the process
Let the games begin
Questions need to be answered
Making sure everything is right
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Lunch Break
Borough of Red Bank
Monmouth County Community Development Program
NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
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Phase I is Complete!
The first new homeowners at Cedar Crossing